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70 days to go April 11, 2010

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We decided to hire a wedding planner

And that will make everything much more relaxed!

She will the contact between me and my provders (who still do not answer the phone etc)

She will take care of

the nanny for my nephew

the dj

flower ideas


coktail at a Taverna

and the Tours for our Guests around town.


Wedding invitations March 29, 2010

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So after looking at some invitations I found out that I like pink!




Yes I am getting married in Corfu, Greece!!! March 20, 2010

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So I decided to get marrid in Corfu!
1.- In Corfu 3 months of  avanced organization does not work. They will tell you in a charming manner: “There is plenty of time Miss!”

2.- Not many pages offer services for weddings so most of them are through Travel Agents

3. I have to act as a Travel Agency because everybody asks me where to stay, what to do etc!

4.- I do not care about a perfect wedding due to the circumstances mentioned in points 1-3!

The important thing for me is the occasion and everything else will be secondary!

I also want my sister to be there even though she will be 6 months pregnant so hopefully everything will go smoothly!